Random Cam Story:

On lonely nights when the TV does not comfort me, when music is playing on the radio which only exacerbated my loneliness; I sit behind my laptop. On the screen I see a young woman sitting on the edge of a bed. She wears sensual black lingerie and she stretches her shoulders back and forth so that my eyes are automatically directed to her black bra and her cleavage. She wears a black thong with red lace. The candy red, as does her lips have that same color. She smiles into the camera and waving to the strangers who, like me, are bewitched and expect a show. With her long slender fingers with red nail varnish she starts typing.

LIEVEDOM has logged in.

LOVEMEPLEASE Hi Dom Nice to have you here.

LIEVEDOM: It is a pleasure to see you L.

LOVEMEPLEASE: What can I do for you?


LIEVEDOM: Show me your true beauty L.

LOVEMEPLEASE: Only for you Dom.

She throws her long black hair over her face and struggling to get the wig off she is wearing and puts it on the floor out of sight. With her fingers she strokes through her short blonde hair.

From under the bed, just out of view, the young woman grabs a bottle of makeup remover for her eyes and some cotton balls and begins to remove her eye shadow. She removes her eyeliner and mascara as well and after she is finished stands up and move away out of the camera view. She stays away for a couple of minutes when she walks into the picture to sit down on the edge of the bed with a steaming hot wet towel in her hands. She puts the small towel on her face to open the pores so the rest of the makeup is easier to be removed. She rubs what looks like Vaseline on her lips and used a tissue to remove her bright red lipstick.

Again she walks out of the picture and for a few minutes all that I see on my screen is an empty bed, a purple satin sheet and at the head of the bed two large pillows with matching pillow covers. The walls are white and on the wall I see a poster of a natural landscape. As she walks into view she dries her face with a soft towel and after she finished throws it on the bed. She takes a small hand mirror and a swab which she makes it damp to remove the makeup under her eyes. Eventually she dries her face and rubs her face with a mild moisturizing cream to prevent irritations.

She lifts one leg and rolling the tight of her leg and throws it on the floor beside her. She rids herself of the black push-up bra and thong. For a moment she stands naked in front of the camera and I admire the contours of her body. One shoulder blade sticking out slightly, her arms are slim and her legs long, her breasts are fine but I cannot enjoy her naked body for long. From a plastic bag she picks an ordinary bright colored panty and a long, loose shirt and she dresses herself. She sits on the edge of the bed and starts typing.


In the time I think of the words to describe her, look at her face and then type my reply, she starts biting her nails nervously.

LIEVEDOM: Now I see freckles around your delicate nose I can finally say how beautiful your face is. Without all that makeup on and around your eyes, I look in the most beautiful green eyes that glisten like tiny emeralds. That short hair accentuates your slender neck and your milk-white skin. Your pink lips smiling sweetly giving you small wrinkles around your eyes. In your normal slip and your favorite shirt, you are a thousand times more beautiful than in the most expensive lingerie. You are a true beauty L. Thank you for this wonderful evening.

Before I close the browser I look back at one time beautiful young woman. As she read my words I see her smile and when she looks in the webcam I close the browser also smiling.

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